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A lawn is an area where grass is grown as a green carpet for a landscape and is the basic feature of any garden.  It serves to enhance the beauty of the garden, be it larger or smaller.  Proper lawn maintenance plays a crucial part in any landscape design. A beautiful well maintained lawn can make the entire landscape look good, whereas a lawn that is not maintained can completely ruin it’s beauty. The lawn not only harmonizes with a decor of the drawing room, but also sets of a suitable background for a specimen tree or a shrub, as well as for colourful beds and borders.  The position of the lawn largely depends upon the layout of the garden in relation to the house.


The most popular grass suitable for seeding is “Doob” grass (Cynodon dactylon).  It has the fast spreading mat forming habit, radially forms roots at the nodes, the foliage is dark green, narrow with parallel vines. A lawn from seed is thought of only when grass roots are not available.   The soil should be reduced to fine tilth and given a light rolling. The seeds take four to five weeks for germination. Care should be taken not to flood the site. 

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