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Building of rockeries

You may have a very large garden, with infinite choice of space or a very small space. Regardless of garden size, the most important consideration for placement is to ensure your rockery garden is on a slope in part or full sun.  If you have a very flat garden space, you could use build your rockery garden here, however you will need to ensure it blends into your garden space effectively.

As a general rule, try to stick to only one type of rockery stone for your garden to ensure consistency and an authentic look. Rough-shaped rocks are ideal for a natural rockery effect – ideal for a traditional, rustic feel home/ garden.

Type of rockeries

  • Flat
  • Gradual
  • Rockery bed
  • Rock group

Planting the rockery

A wide range of plants could you used within your rockery, and these partially depend on the look / feel of your garden space. However, the best plants suited to rockeries tend to be those which grow slow, low and happy to live in drier areas.

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